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Weekend Wonderings

Here's a new feature: each weekend here at lectitans, I will post a question and invite other bloggers to answer it, here or in their own blogs.  I'll also provide an explanation of how I came up with the question.

This weekend's question:

What does it mean to have a "thorough knowledge of children's literature"?

It's no secret that one of my aspirations is to be a librarian, specifically a school media specialist or a public librarian for children/teens.  In looking at my local library's job listings, I came upon the description for the children's librarian, which included a "thorough knowledge of children's literature" as one of its requirements.  This seems vague to me, and I'm wondering what it would take to have such knowledge.  My plan is to get a library degree and take lots of classes in children's literature, classes with titles like "Young Adult Literature and Related Materials" and "Children's Literature and Related Materials."  But are two semesters of class enough to grant me a thorough knowledge?  It doesn't seem likely.  What about a lifetime of reading?  I've been away from Children's Literature for a while, though I'm coming back to it now.

I'm curious to hear your answers.  Can you set me on the path to thorough knowledge?  Post your definition in the comments or in a post at your own blog.  If you post at your own blog, be sure to leave a link!  I'd love to hear from bloggers who might not read my blog as well, so if you do blog about it and get responses from others, please let me know.
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